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Kyle Warren, Piano & Vocals Kyle Warren is a piano playing singer-songwriter who is not afraid to rock. When it comes to songwriting, it is often said to write what you know. That’s why, when Kyle Warren comes to the piano to compose a song, what emerges is a response to an inspiration that demanded to be set to verse and melody. Ranging from the rocker “Money Man” to the poignant and orchestral “One More Perfect Moment,” the album “Making It Plain” is a tour de force of songs and feelings that connect to the heart. It is music built note by note and phrase by phrase on real moments in time and turning points in lives that can do nothing less but reveal the inner workings of the person who was driven to write it. Turning points, yes. And dreams too as the hopeful “Lisbon” demonstrates. “But through troubled times and deadlines / I spend my time thinking of you / And what it would be like in Lisbon.” Certainly not a call to retreat--but a bold statement to restart, recharge or rekindle a sense of adventure. And what greater adventure is there than falling in love no matter where you are?
Mike Weiland Drums & Percussion Known for his impecable time keeping and inspired drum performances, Mike Weiland has remained a sought after session and live player year after year. Mike is also accomplished in the field of aerospace and was invloved in the construction of the International Space Station and more recently the famous Sea Launch project.
Jerry Adamowicz Bass & Guitars Owner of Adamo’s Recording, one of Orange County California’s longest running recording studios, Jerry Adamowicz has been arranging, performing and recording for over 30 years. From album production to TV and radio, chances are you have already heard the music that has come from his studio. Jerry also can be seen performing all around Southern California in the band “Mama Haglin.” “Making It Plain” was recorded and produced by Jerry.
Produced by Jerry Adamowicz